Saturday, September 7, 2013

Review: Fuzzibunz Comfort washable sanitary pads

I've been using washable nappies about 40% of the time with Lydia, and am patting myself on the back about it.  In fact, I'm wondering why I didn't start earlier, as I only thought of it about 5 months before Adam became toilet trained.

Seeing how easy it is to wash the nappies gave me idea to buy some washable sanitary pads for myself.   So I'm going to review 2 brands I've been using - Fuzzibunz Comfort Pads and Pink Daisy
over the course of this post and my next post. 

I bought the Fuzzibunz first, as I've seen their nappies on different sites and they always got good reviews.   I got a variety of sizes: liners, regular and large.   They are functionally the same width, thickness and absorbency, it's just the length which differs.  I've compared the length with some disposable pads I have at home and they are a similar length.

large size pads

Each size comes with the same clip button to close.   This is great as it has wings which holds the pad in place, and gives a bit more coverage.    The Fuzzibunz label which is visible in the above photo is a handy hook which can help when you're putting them to dry over a clothes horse.

They wash well at 60 degrees in the washing machine, and wash ok at 40 degrees.   I haven't tumbled dried them as they really don't need it - they dry outside or at room temperature remarkably quickly.   

They are a fleece type material, which is a good thing initially as they wash and dry well and are soft against the skin.   However, I found they got a bit sweaty and the blood seemed to sit on top of the pad and wasn't sucked into the fabric.   

The aforementioned clip button does hold the pad in place, but as that is the only fixture place then I've found the pads slip slightly and I've even experienced them turn round and almost fall out of my pants!    Not great.

The thickness really is thick.   Like a little pillow for my vulva.  In fact they reminded me of the old night-time disposable pads of yore, or the maternity pads I used to catch the lochia after I gave birth both times.

Overall I'd give them 5 out of 10.   They are better than nothing, and have a certain charm about them, namely in the price as 3 cost £12 on my favourite site for nappies Fill Your Pants.   But I wouldn't trust them for long when I have a heavy flow.

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