Saturday, September 7, 2013

Review: Pink Daisy washable sanitary pads

These were pads I'd seen online not long after I started using the Fuzzibunz.   Out of the 2 the Pink Daisy are my preferred brand for a number of reasons.

They come in a variety of patterns - the blood soaking bit is white, but the lower bit that lies against ones pants is coloured and patterned.   If you are at all interested I have the 'swirls' one and very lovely it is too.

Similarly to the Fuzzibunz ones they have the same clip button to close the wings of the pad and affix that way, as there is no glue to hold them in place the way there is with disposable pads.  

Whereas the Fuzzibunz are made from fleece, the Pink Daisy pads are made from organic cotton and have a microfibre terry layer in the pad to soak up blood.   This is great as the cotton stops the pad from feeling sweaty, and the terry soaks up the blood.   Due to this higher quality material they are a bit more expensive, £17 for 3 pads (versus £10 for 3 Fuzzibunz).

With both the Fuzzibuns and the Pink Daisy I change pads slightly more often than I would with a disposable pad, overall I'd say maybe a change every few hours depending on amount of blood.  

I use them most often when I'm at home, or when I know I'll be home when it needs changed.    But there is something available called a 'wet bag' which is handy for pads and washable nappies when out and about.

There are a number of different brands and types of wet bag, which are basically small bags with zip fastener to carry a change of pad, and to store a soiled one (or more than one) to allow you to take it home to be washed.   These bags are waterproof and washable too.    Some have two compartments - one for dry and clean pads/nappies and another for soiled pads/nappies.   Or some people just buy and carry 2 wet bags for each purpose.

Overall I'd give Pink Daisy 8 out of 10, as the pad doesn't slip, doesn't bunch up and doesn't give that horrible itchy crotch feeling that wearing disposable pads can cause.

They wash and dry really well too, similar to the Fuzzibunz ones, although a minis point is that Pink Daisy don't have a handy tag for hanging them up to dry.

Another minis point is that when I first googled 'Pink Daisy' I got all sorts of results for Anal Bleaching kits.   Not what I was looking for!!!   My tip for you is to google 'Pink Daisy pads' which brings up retailers for the sanitary pads, thankfully.

Seriously, using washable sanitary pads isn't as grim as it seems (not as grim as I imagine anal bleaching would be!).   Lets face it, sanitary products in general are not the most pleasant of things to think about - at least with these they aren't clogging up the bin and rotting forevermore in landfill.

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